Encouraged by last year students visit this Friday that was great and exciting ! 🙂 I would like to post the very first pages of my sketchbook.

I also tried to play with spacing a bit.

With Futura Book I tried tracing and spacing my name with both upper and lowercase letters first optically and then tried leaving the width of an “i” between each letter as this should be the ideal gap between the letters. Then I tried leaving a very little space between the letters to see how this would affect the legibility… To be honest I do not think this affected the legibility much probably due to Futura’s fine geometric features and neatness…But still interesting exercise.

I also tried to optically adjust letterspacing when using all caps of a serif font Hoefler Text Roman. I realised just as I finished that writing the word Hamburgefons  was not really necessary as I used all caps. 😀 (*  word hamburgefons or handgloves as Spiekermann and Ginger suggest in the book Stop Stealing Sheep are often used by typographers to illustrate the variety of lower and uppercase letters in one word to test a font)

 IMG_0634 IMG_0633

IMG_0632 IMG_0628 IMG_0631


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. I like the double red lines expanding out of the photo.
    For me the ‘a’ and ‘r’ in Bartova need at least a hairline of white between them for legibility but I like the rest, especially the subtle knife-like ‘v’ dropping down.

  2. Thanks Amanda, I played around with it a bit more. I like to do this by hand. It definitely gives you a different angle/ perspective I guess. By the way, the deep dropping “v” was probably done by mistake 🙂

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