Graphic Dialogue poster

Workshop session on poster and type hierarchy was really inspiring and helpful last week so I started working on my ideas and versions in more depth…

It feels as if I have been looking at  it for too long, though so I thought I would share it if anyone has any suggestions and comments, feel free to post.

In one of the versions I tried to use enlarged letters G as they reminded me of a speech bubble in a certain angle, to visually depict the dialogue bit…. I quite like the idea and would like to develop it further but am not sure it is working  just yet. It is still a work in progress so any comments welcomed…

Graphic Dialogue-bubbles_v4



2 thoughts on “Graphic Dialogue poster

  1. I’m never a fan of the enlarged letter approach. I just see it too often in students work. I think they dominate too much. You could try developing the layout without the GG. BTW Gee-Gee is another name for a horse!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tony, I think you are right… I “tested” this version with a few people and no one seemed to notice the speech bubble that was formed from the enlarged GGs so I am going to try using just the bubble to see if this works better.
    and thanks for the gee-gee horse reference, did not know that. 🙂

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