More typing about the type….

A friend of mine has recently showed me a book by Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek from design studio FL@33 called The 3D Type  Book which I highly recommend if you are interested in this. (full reference for the book can be found below)

I absolutely loved some of the ideas there and would like to experiment with 3D type in my own projects somehow. So today, after I started feeling frustrated about my (non-existent) drawing or even tracing skills when attempting to work on the sketchbooks for Research and Development unit, I decided to move onto my newly discovered passion for collecting random things and visually documenting this as encouraged by Ben on our first session  And although collecting photographs of people’s various tights has nothing to do with visual communication I attempted to do rather simple and not very complex 3D type of my started collection myself…(sorry about the quality of the photographs in advance :-))

The actual type I was trying to use as a basis for this is called  Lighthouse font and was designed by Måns Grebäck . (for more information please see his website:  The before mentioned book’s full reference is: Jacquillat, A. & Vollauschek , T. (2011) The 3D Type Book. London: Laurence King.

collect 3D type tights




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